Saturday, August 1, 2015

History: A Call for Help

Hale and fair winds to one and all! This is a shout-out to my distant cousins who come from the far flung clan Beluche and to pirates and lover of history - particularly maritime history - everywhere.

Above is a bust of my ancestor, Renato Beluche. I know the Brethren are familiar but for anyone who would like to know more about this man's contributions to the life and liberty of the United States and the greater Gulf region, click on the label at the end of this post.

This bust, executed by a Venezuelan artist in the 1950s, was donated as a gift to the Louisiana State Museum. It was unfortunately swiftly relegated to an attic in the Cabildo in New Orleans for over half a century: disrespected, unseen, nearly forgotten.

Thanks to the Friends of the Cabildo and the hard, dedicated endeavors of people like my particular friend and distnat Beluche relation Thais Solano, the bust was found and restored. This just in time for the Bicentennial exhibition celebrated the Battle of New Orleans. This is currently on exhibit at the Cabildo and I highly recommend it. Beluche's bust features prominently in the exhibit with pride of place in the first hall.

The problem? The Battle of New Orleans exhibit will be taken down in October of this year. Where, we as Beluches' descendants and admirers wonder, will his stately bust end up?

We need your help, Brethren, to ensure that this does not happen. We need to you to raise your voices - as only we pirates truly can - to insist that the bust stays on permanent display. The options are many, but what a wonderful home could be made at the home where he was born on Rue Dumaine. This former private residence is now known by the fictional name of Madame John's Legacy and is part of the Louisiana State Museum as well.

Please take a moment to email Mr. Tulios at the Louisiana State Museum at and respectfully request that Beluche's but remain on display permanently. You can also reach out to Jason at the Friend of the Cabildo at with the same request. The more people they hear from, the more seriously they will take this petition.

The moment is now. We need to act. I count on the Brethren to come through to preserve a fading part of the maritime history of the Americas: the memory of Renato Beluche.

Please leave your comments with any questions or concerns, or to let me know if you had any response to your emails.

Finally, thank you my dear friends. My heart is still here, with Triple P, even if my mind must be elsewhere.

Merci, and bonne chance!

Bust of Renato Beluche with a mural of the Battle of New Orleans in the background, by kind courtesy of Thais Solano

Update: so it does look at is the email address I included in this post are incorrect. Corrections:

Mr. Tullos -
Jason -

My mistake (that's what I get for hurrying!)


Capt. John Swallow said...

In the immortal words o' Baldric: I have a cunning plan...

Undine said...

Will do! I'll let you know if/when I get a response.

Pauline said...

As always, the Brethren come through when it counts! Thank you!!!

Undine said...

This is odd. I tried emailing both the addresses you gave in your post, and both were bounced back with a "failure to deliver" notice. Anyone else have problems with those addresses?

Pauline said...

Grrr! I'll check with Thais and post an update ASAP. Thanks for the heads up!

Capt. John Swallow said...

Some further information that may prove useful:
All email is AT

Curatorial Services

Madame John’s Legacy
632 Dumaine St.
New Orleans, La. 70116

Timmy! said...

Ahoy, Pauline! Hold fast and stay strong. The brethren have your back. And the crew and first mate are with ye all the way, as always.

A Rhode Island Tory said...

I only today saw your post. Whatever became of the bust? I hope everything went as you hoped, Bob

Pauline said...

Bob; unfortunately it appears at this time that Beluche's handsome bust has been buried in storage once again. But the fight goes on and as you can see there are plenty of smart, generous people still working hard to make this American hero a household name! Thanks so much for enquiring.

Capt. John Swallow said...

I know yer 'distant cousin', Thais, is still fighting this battle...she's part o' the "Friends Of The Cabildo"...and, as ye know, a tough little Pyrate!

Pauline said...

Well said, Captain! She's tougher than most twice her size. And as you can imagine, I am also a member - and they here from me probably more frequently than they would care to! Fair winds mate - the battle goes on!

Capt. John Swallow said...

Their ears must be burning...
From the Friends Of The Cabildo today: Calling all Louisiana history and culture enthusiasts: We want you to guest lecture at our Second Thursday Series! Contact us: 523-3939

Unknown said...

I wonder if I can have your permission to use one of your photos in a paper that i'm writing for submission to a certifying board? Specifically, the photo is of the Brig Marie Sophie. Thank you. My email address is

Unknown said...

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