Monday, June 11, 2012

History: Sandy Hook

On June 11, 1764, the light was lit for the first time at Sandy Hook Lighthouse.  The lighthouse sits at the southernmost point of the entrance to New York Harbor and is technically located in the state of New Jersey.  Legend tells us that the lighthouse is the oldest original light tower in use in the United States.  Find out more at the National Park Service website.

Header: Sandy Hook Lighthouse today via


Timmy! said...

Very cool, Pauline. I am a big lighthouse fan, as you know.

Pauline said...

I thought it was kind of interesting. And, of course, all sailors love a lighthouse.

Charles L. Wallace said...

Cool! I was stationed sorta near there for a while (yep, I love lighthouses too). It was really neat, on clear days, to look through the "Big Eyes" and see the Statue of Liberty across the water.

Thanks, Pauline! :-)

Pauline said...

Nice; she's a beautiful lighthouse by the look of her. I hope to meet her in person one day sooner than later. Thanks, Wally!