Friday, June 29, 2012

Booty: A Good Defense

Surfrider Foundation, who has been supporting the welfare of marine life for over three decades, has now stepped into the world of art.  A new exhibit, entitled They Can't Protect Themselves, is being funded by Surfrider through donations.  Some artists are already on board and have created amazing images of armored sea creatures; the dolphin shown above, for instance.  From the exhibit's online information page:

Marine life have several natural defenses such as speed, camouflage and natural schooling behavior.  However, these defenses are powerless against man-made threats such as pollution, ocean warming and overindustrialization.  To convey our need to protect these animals, this collection of life-size armor was born.

The animals enarmored include not only the dolphin but a spiky crane, an otter who would clearly have a much easier time cracking open his lunch but a much harder time floating, and a school of clown fish.

Click the link above to really appreciate the beauty and size of these amazing pieces of craftsmanship.  Also, should you be so inclined, click over to Harald's fascinating roleplaying site The Book of Worlds, and get some ideas based on this exhibit for your next sci-fi/fantasy short story, novel or game.

One more suggesting for Friday reading, which deals specifically and historically with the effects - both bad and surprisingly good - of climate change.  Check out our mate Blue Lou Logan's thoughtful post "Of Weather and Ancient Mariners: Brian Fagan's The Great Warming."  It doesn't get much better than that for free, kids.

Happy Friday one and all; I'll spy ye tomorrow for another Sailor Mouth Saturday!

Header: Armored Dolphin from the Surfrider Foundation exhibit via The Book of Worlds


Timmy! said...

Happy Friday, Pauline!

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Pauline said...

My pleasure; there's so much out there that's worth sharing, it's a case of #mindblown... :)