Sunday, November 18, 2012

Seafaring Sunday: Finding Antarctica

November 18, 1820: American mariner and shipwright Nathaniel Brown Palmer, while captaining the sloop Hero, becomes the first post-modern man to touch at the continent of Antarctica.

Header: Nathaniel Brown Palmer in the 1870s via Wikipedia


Capt. John Swallow said... which point the First Mate turned to him and said "Cold enough for ye?"

(The First Mate hasn't been heard from since)

Timmy! said...

Ha! Something we never hear people say here in Alaska, Captain...

Blue Lou Logan said...

"Post-modern?" Meaning Palmer believed that that reality is subjective and the act of interpretation creates the "real?"

Never figured Foucault, Boudrillard, and Bourdieu to figure into maritime history, but then deconstruction is like'll get into everything eventually.

Pauline said...

Captain: No kidding; he's leopard seal bait now...

Timmy! Cold enough for you?

Lou: Yes! He was anticipating Satre!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Finding Antarctica?
hahaha - hadn't realised we'd lost it!

[2] "How do ya find Antarctica?"
{Ans.} 'Fly to Austrailya and turn right" ;-)