Friday, November 2, 2012

Booty: A Pirate Hideaway, Mid-Century Style

While I'm no fan of "Mad Men" (sorry AMC; the only show you produce that I can't miss is "The Walking Dead"), and those Jacqueline Kennedy fashions do nothing for my broad-shouldered, 5'10" frame, I love, love, love mid-20th century architecture and decorating. That's why I am an enormous fan of Mid-Century Modern Freak on Tumblr. So when I saw this house-on-the-water over there, I felt compelled to share it with the Brethren.

The living space is pure mid-century: clean lines, open design and floor-to-ceiling windows that must make washing those drapes an unimaginable chore. But what this design by Charles Schriedde adds is an attractive nautical theme. Note the central pylon with its steps that literally take you to your own private dock where your James Bond-esque speed boat awaits. The bedroom is a main top complete with rigging, canopy and a hanging ship's lantern to set the mood. And then there's the view. I'm fairly certain this Fiddler's Green is parked squarely in the Pacific Northwest; perhaps the San Juan Islands. Click the picture to enhance all the stunning detail that was created, believe it or not, as an ad for a television.

Unfortunately, this place is pure fantasy. But a sailor can always dream.

Happy Friday, Brethren!

Header: Motorola ad from 1962 via Mid-Century Modern Freak on Tumblr


Timmy! said...

That is very cool, Pauline! The only thing better would be to share it with you...

Pauline said...

I know! If I ever get suddenly wealthy (these are the jokes, folks), I'm building that thing on Orca Island!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Man, that is so cool!!! (Gotta begin purchasing lottery tickets). As an ad for a TV, no less.... reckon I'd get a big-screen ;-)

Thanks, Pauline!

Pauline said...

I'm with you all the way around. It would be hard to draw me away from that view for a little black & white :)