Friday, November 16, 2012

Booty: The Great Pirate Ships

For me, The History Channel has lost its appeal. For instance right now, as I type, they are showing "Pawn Stars." Really? That's just not history no matter how you slice it. But once upon a time THC actually did offer shows about, well, history. And today's offering is one of the best.

Please enjoy this fairly accurate and definately well done documentary entitled "The Great Pirate Ships." It's the perfect offering for a Friday. My thanks to my mates over at the Under the Black Flag team who posted both this video and the beautiful picture at the header on their Facebook page. Pop over and like them after you are done with the doc.


Timmy! said...

They used to be about history, then they morfed into "the Hitler channel" for a while when it seemed like all of their shows were about WWII (still history, but a little too specific for me). Now, they are the "Pawn Stars/American Pickers" and more shows about rednecks channel (like we need more of those)... Gah!

Cool documentary, though. Love the UtBF guys too, Pauline!

Happy Friday to all the Brethren!

Is it time for a mug o' grog yet?

Pauline said...

Every once in a while THC returns to the "history" part of their name but not on a regular basis, sad to say. I'm always eager to see their nautical history offerings, though.

And frankly, it feels like it's past time for grog!

Capt. John Swallow said...

Aye mates...a good Pyrate will search for treasure despite all odds to the contrary.
History is a great treasure - as is the culture(s) it's connected to!

Timmy! me lad, it's always "Rum o'clock" somewhere! For meself, I've had me tot...and now to rest. Another day's adventure awaits on the morrow!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Aye, and the "M" in MTV no longer stands for "Music".... sad. Seems there is more money to be made in dumbing things down. Thankfully, speciality still resides in the internet. Thank you, Pauline (and Brethren) - I far prefer your company to that of Pickers and Pawn Stars (indeed, and Jackasses!)

Pauline said...

Captain: Thank you for the link. I've joined the group and hopefully others of the Brethren will too!

Wally: That's what I'm talking about... Are we dating ourselves by remembering that MTV used to just be a music channel? That's rhetorical.

Blue Lou Logan said...

re MTV: Martha Quinn was my hero/crush, but then Judas Priest was my favorite band of the time. And sometimes an actual music video blew my mind, Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" coming immediately to mind.

re the video itself: a nice clean ducumentary, with the always welcome Dr. Cordingly along for the ride. More about the pirate superstars--Blackbeard, Roberts--than than she ships. The Lady Washington looking grand but, alas, the Bounty now gone...