Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seafaring Sunday: The Race is On

May 20, 1497: John Cabot, explorer, businessman and sometime sea dog, sets out for the New World from Bristol, England.  His voyage sets up the European race to discover and colonize North and South America that will eventually encircle the entire globe.  For better and for worse.

Header: A replica of Cabot's ship, Matthew, in Bristol Harbor via Wikimedia


Timmy! said...

Ahoy, Pauline! Cabot's ship doesn't look very big, based on that picture... That definitely took some guts, if nothing else.

Pauline said...

It's a sturdy thing though. I'll post more about Cabot, who was a fascinating character, in the future.

Charles L. Wallace said...

I echo what Timmy said, a small vessel. Nice-looking, though!