Sunday, May 27, 2012

Seafaring Sunday: Jack 1782

Saw a brig standing in for the land; at 7 P.M. discovered her to have a copper bottom, sixteen guns and full of men; at half past nine o'clock she came alongside when a close action commenced.  It was our misfortune to have our worthy commander, Captain Ropes, mortally wounded at the first broadside.  I was slightly wounded at the same time in my right hand and head, but not so as to disable me from duty.  The action was maintained on both sides close, severe, and without intermission from upwards of two hours, in which time we had seven killed, several wounded and several abandoned their quarters.  Our rigging was so destroyed that not having command of our yards, the Jack fell with her larboard bow foul of the brig's starboard quarter, when the enemy made an attempt  to board us, but they were repulsed by a very small number compared with them.   ~  William Gray on board the Continental privateer Jack off Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 28, 1782

Header: After the Storm by William Bradford


Timmy! said...

Ahoy, Pauline! Good post for Memorial Day weekend.

Cool painting too...

Pauline said...

Jack is awesome and so is the painting. Happy Memorial Day one and all... More to come tomorrow.