Friday, May 25, 2012

Booty: Grilling Safety Navy Style

When it comes to cooking on the grill, seamen – particularly those of the New World variety – have always had a leg up (Captain Morgan rum pun possibly intended). There’s a reason why the buccaneers of the Spanish Main were named after a barbeque: le boucan. So, going into Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S., it should come as no surprise that Navy Live is offering some timely tips for your grilling pleasure, and safety.

David Nelson of the Naval Safety Center reminds one and all that 49 grill related burn injuries have been reported by commands around the world in the last five years, and that’s 49 too many. His tips for keeping grilling not only safe but fun and tasty are an important refresher as we in the Northern Hemisphere head into summer. There are also links to general fire safety reminders and safe cooking temperatures for meats of all kinds.

My favorite admonition, and one that cannot be repeated enough, has to be:

And never use gasoline to get the fire going. There’s a reason why [gasoline is referred to] as the Idiot’s Friend.

And I’ll say Huzzah! to that. Click over for more tips from the men in blue. I personally want all the Brethren to have a safe – and very delicious – weekend.

Header: U.S. sailors enjoying a field mess in Cuba c 1900 via The Pirate’s Lair


Timmy! said...

Ahoy, Pauline! Important safety tips... Thanks!

Safety first!

And Happy Friday to all.

Pauline said...

Exactly. Being a huge fan of BBQ, I want everyone to be safe, sound and hungry when that good stuff gets to the table!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Back in the olden days (on active duty, that is!) we celebrated by holding "Steel Beach"... the ship would take all way off, and we would fire up charcoal in 55 gallon drums split lengthwise, with legs welded on and grates added. Burgers and dogs were the main fare, and hacky sack the main attraction (probably because hacky sacks are one of the least expensive bits of sporting equipment imaginable, and ye know, Davy Jones' doesn't allow 'do-overs' :-) Reggae music was pretty popular, too.

Here on the home (read: apartment) front, grills are not allowed! Too many elementary einsteins trying to burn down the building. Believe it or not, it's a Virginia Beach city ordinance!! Sadly, the Grate Steak (a restaurant where one could go and grill a steak over a charcoal fire, all the while guzzling beer), has closed. Think I'll go for Shawerma! (Yes, a hat tip to The Avengers, but I really DO frequent Baladi Mediterranean Cuisine on Saturdays :-)

Anyway, wishing you and Timmy and family a happy Memorial Day weekend, dear friend.

Pauline said...

"Davy Jones doesn't allow 'do-overs'."

That's one of the most insightful pieces of seafaring wisdom ever!

Thank you, once again, for adding so much to this post, Wally. A wonderful weekend to your family as well; stay safe and eat well, brother.

Charles L. Wallace said...

Thankee most kindly, Pauline
(I went and had Shawermah, kinda a shout-out to the Avengers movie).