Friday, February 19, 2010

Booty: Now Even Groggier!

I've told you about my friend Laurel before, and even before that. She is a great person and a very thoughtful gift giver so I was not surprised that she and another great person/thoughtful gift giver I know - the First Mate - had the same thought this Holiday season. Something piratical for Pauline! But not just "something", Brethren; something most people probably wouldn't even dream existed:
You read that correctly. Captain Black's Grog Flavored Pirate Mints. I'm not really sure there's anything more to say but here's the blurb:

Pirates aren't interested in fresh breath, so you won't find any fancy peppermint or spearmint in these Pirate Mints. You might, however, detect the unique flavor that every pirate craves - grog! Shove a handful in your mouth and chew them while shouting orders to your crew! Each 2-1/4" round tin contains one hundred mints.

That little snippet actually comes from Archie McPhee's unparalleled website where a tin of groggy goodness will set you back $2.50. That is indeed a small price to pay for grog breath from the time you roll out of your cot until the sun's over the yardarm. Should you doubt me, feel free to ask my St. Bernard who is a great connoisseur of breath.

If you happen to live in the greater Anchorage, Alaska area, you can pick up a tin at the very spot where lovely Laurel got mine: Title Wave Books and Gifts. Although they recently cut back on author readings and signings, which is too bad, they're still full of great stuff (mostly books, which are the greatest things of all aside from ships).

Grog mints are a great conversation starter and they really do taste a bit like grog. I can't recommend them enough. Good thing I have two tins!

Happy Friday, Brethren. See you tomorrow for Sailor Mouth Saturday.


Timmy! said...

Ahoy, Pauline! Those mints ARE groggy... and they are actually pretty good! Better, I must admit, than the bacon-flavored mints you got for me from Archie Mcphee (and you know how I feel about bacon). Mmmm... bacon.

But hey, how much would you pay? Wait, don't answer yet! If you call in the next twenty minutes ('cause you know we can't keep doing this all day) we'll also throw in the new "Make Love The David Porter Way" book and DVD...

Pauline said...

Ahoy, Timmy! Please don't let the Commodore spam Triple P through you. I'll have a talk with him later.