Friday, August 7, 2009

Toys: Chick Pirates to the Rescue!

You know what I like? I like surprises. I'm not talking about those big, jump-out-from-behind-the-furniture SURPRISE! Birthday party kind of things. That's overkill, it would probably give me some kind of paroxysm and I'm way too old for that. No. I'm talking about the little, unexpected stuff that people do intentionally to brighten up someones day. Maybe even their whole week, or month, or life.

As an example, I will frequently swing by the toy department of my local Fred Meyer first thing on grocery day (its Wednesday for me, so if you want to run into Pauline on Wednesday morning, you'll know where to look!). I head straight to the stuffed animals and pick out a small guy that catches my eye. I like elephants, hippos, dogs and pigs but I have to admit that monkeys are my preference. Then, off the critter and I go to shop. At some point, I find a shelf I like and I leave my friend there next to the bleach or juice or salad dressing for someone I don't know to find. It injects a little fun into a mundane task, and I hope it makes someone smile.

Its like this little gem here; the Anne Bonny Action Figure. My friend Laurel, who is a very talented gift giver, brought Anne to me last Holiday season when I was hosting a get-together at my home. Completely unexpected but totally appreciated, the gift both surprised and delighted me. Anne's arms and legs are movable, she can stand on her own and she comes dressed as you see with a boarding axe, a cutlass and two pistols. I cannot think that diamonds could be more of a friend to a girl. The toy also comes with some fun facts about Anne including her real name - Anne Cormac, her date and place of birth - around 1700 and listed as County Cork, Ireland (but in fact she was born in Charleston, S.C.), and her weapon of choice - boarding axe. Hell ya!

Anne Bonny sailed with Calico Jack Rackham in the early 18th century, and by all accounts she was a virago of the first order. Now she is lovingly molded in plastic and she stands, weapons at the ready, next to my bed right by my alarm clock. Thanks to that surprise expert, my friend Laurel, I have a kindred spirit to greet me each and every morning. How cool is that?

If you want your own little Anne Bonny either get yourself a great friend like Laurel or hop over to Archie McPhee at They have Anne and lots of other action figures for her to hang out with (I like to pair her with my Edgar A. Poe and Jane Austen action figures, and then imagine what they talk about). Enjoy, Brethren, and check in tomorrow for Sailor Mouth Saturday!


Timmy! said...

"a virago of the first order"... much like yourself, Pauline. Hell yeah!

Blue Flamingo said...

What girl doesn't deserve a fully articulated pirate action figure?! And, if your readers happen by Anchorage, a wonderful book store named Title Wave is where I found this little gem.

Pauline said...

Ahoy Blue Flamingo and welcome aboard! Its nice to have a sassy wench join me in the comments now and again!