Friday, August 28, 2009

Toys: I'm Expecting Great Things

Well, its that time again isn't it Brethren. September will soon be upon us and that means the wee monkeys will be returning to school. In fact, as I mentioned, mine have already gone back but Alaska is a different kind of place and most of you are probably looking at next week or even after Labor Day. So I thought, with time for only a short post today, I'd treat you to the above.

What you see here is the aptly named "What Would a Pirate Do?" folder and you cannot beat it with a stick! The skull & crossed swords spinner in the middle works (at least until second quarter...) and gives you diverse options from enjoyable to bloody to "sounds like work". As examples we've "Sing a Chantey", "Take No Prisoners" and "Swab the Deck". With twelve choices in all, its hard to imagine this little piece of booty ever wearing thin in the entertainment department.

Inside are two sturdy pockets. On one is a list of ten phrases given as "Important Pirate Lingo". The sentences are clever in that each one follows an almost poetic circle from one word to another that leads right back to the beginning. For someone like me who doesn't just love words but worships them, this is a delightfully unexpected addition. The whole thing is especially relevant now as we hurry along toward International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th. Here's an entertaining and useful way to get ready for the big day!

The WWPD? folder is available here in Anchorage at Titlewave Books and on the web at Archie McPhee and elsewhere. Stow your novel, your ship's log or your school projects and never have to worry about losing them to an unscroupulous mate again. But lets shoot for a C+ next time , mister. I'm expecting great things this year.


Timmy! said...

Hopefully, someday you'll get to develop your own version of this folder called "What Would Paulette Flynn Do?" (WWPFD) but the choices might be a little different (and some probably not appropriate for the kiddies)... That I would like to see, though.

Pauline said...

Ahoy Timmy! Are you calling into question the maidenhood of my main character... or something? Well if you are, with good cause!

WasABuc said...

Pretty cool! My kids would have that taken away from them. You cant have stuff like that down here in Lefty'fornia.

BTW, the "word verification" that I had to enter for this post was..


Remind you of a certain black, awnry, someone that used to roam the floors of you house here in Lefty'ville?


Pauline said...

Ahoy WasABuc! The words they give you never fail to crack me up. And yes, Mant! We missed that name so much that we now call Thor the St. Bernard Mant. He certainly has the jowls for it.

WasABuc said...

I'm telling ya', I miss'em too. He was a riot as was tuck'n'roll.


To this day I have a pic of Mant roaming in to the living room at your old place, up on the wall of my garage next to the weight equipment. Good times, man...
Good times! Miss you guys. Stay a buccaneer.

Yours in piracy,
The BUC!