Monday, February 4, 2013

Literature: From the Log Book

4 Feb. Fine breeze from NE; going 9 1/2 knots. Wild Flower astern. Hands employed stowing the cables and anchors. Latter part wind failing. Set all std sails, during the light winds and easterly.

5 Feb. Moderate breezes inclining to the SE. Hand employed putting on chafing gear and other necessary work; carpenter variously. Lat 21 degrees 35 N, long 116 degrees 2 E. Wild Flower out of sight astern. Latter part wind SE. In all std sails. Midnight fresh breeze; in royals and staysails.

8 Feb. Fresh breezes from NE. Carrying all sail. At 7.30 PM hove to and sounded on the Macclesfield Bank in 50 fathoms; coral rock. At 8 bore away and set all std sails.

9 Feb. Fresh breezes all these 24 hours; carrying all possible sail. Lat 13 degrees 46 N, long 111 degrees 20 E.

10 Feb. Strong breezes; wind NE. Sees 2 ships going S. Carpenter finishing new jibboom. People as most requisite. Lat obs 11 degrees 23 N, long 110 degrees 43 E.

~ from the log of Captain John Mann, the clipper ship Strathmore in the South China Sea, 1857

Header: Clipper ship Flying Cloud off the Isle of Wight by James E. Buttersworth c 1859 via Wikipedia


Timmy! said...

Sounds like they were having good sailing weather anyway, Pauline. That painting is rather dark and ominous, though...

Pauline said...

Yeah, it does. It also kind of points to how monotonous days at sea can be.

And that painting is ominous, but then it's off the Isle of Wight so, you know.