Friday, February 8, 2013

Booty: Pirate Treasures

My friend Elizabeth (find her here on Twitter) is exceptionally talented at digging up unique and sometimes macabre pieces for personal and home adornment. So I was far more delighted than surprised when she sent me a link to Italian jewelers Percossi Papi's exquisite collection entitled Collezione Oceano. That's right, Brethren it's fine pirate jewelry.

Of course fish and seaweeds feature in the collection, but there are beautiful pieces with an unmistakable pirate theme. Anchors, skulls, swords and perfectly sculpted galleons are featured in jewelry that is really more art than adornment.

The only drawback here is these gorgeous bobbles are probably far out of my financial reach. Makes one want to go a-plundering though...

Header: Galleon and seaweed earrings from the Percossi Papi website


Charles L. Wallace said...

Ah, verra nice, Pauline! (Have we seen those earrings before?)

Cost, aye, the bane of our enjoyment.... here's a site which I purchase from occasionally (not really a gal in every port, but good to have Pirate Jewelry, eh?). Nice people, too!

Gotta visit Jamie's joint again; been far too long :-)

Pauline said...

Awesome, Wally; thank you for sharing that link. You never struck me as a "gal in every port" kinda sailor anyway... :)

Timmy! said...

Those are pretty awesome, Pauline. Unfortunately, due to recent events, those are definitely out of our financial reach (for the time being, anyway).

Pauline said...

Yeah; it's more of a window shopping thing.