Friday, December 9, 2011

Booty: Dressing Down Pirate Style

I know my tastes run to the esoteric. When it comes to gifts, I would rather receive a signed copy of any O’Brian book ever than another sweater but sweaters are easier to get. And no amount of awesome literature is going to keep you warm when it’s below freezing. I’m not impractical, just quirky. I imagine many of the Brethren are too.

That said, a t-shirt or hoody is something everyone needs, but there’s no reason to go for the one with the generic design when you can add a nautical flavor to that simple gift. And that is where today’s highly recommended website comes in.

PirateMod has an incredible inventory of piratical and seafaring gear to wear from head to toe. Their designs range from traditional to modern and everything in between. And they are not just about freebooting; many of their designs are so purely nautical they'd look quite fitting on David Porter.  There's even seafaring gift wrap.

Their website is easy to navigate, they carry a wide range of sizes, their shipping is reasonable and prompt and if you sign up for emails you can get in on t-shirt deals at just $4.00 with new designs each week. If you’re a sailor on a budget, that is something to smile about.

Hop over to PirateMod and peruse the offerings at your leisure. Sometimes the simplest gift is the most elegant, and the best appreciated.

Happy Friday, Brethren; I’ll spy ye on the morrow for SMS.

Header: One of my all time favorite PirateMod designs, which needs no explanation from me


Timmy! said...

Ahoy, Pauline! Please let me know if ye be spyin' anything here ye wants me to add to yer list for bein' so naughty and nice this year...


Pauline said...

That's the problem here; there are so many wonderful designs it's hard to choose!