Friday, December 24, 2010

Booty: Make This Happen

Those of you who frequent Triple P would be absolutely justified in outrage were I to repeat my undying affection for the movie Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. So I won’t. Just allow me to say that, though anyone as devoted to the O’Brian novels on which it is “based” as I am will certainly tell you that there’s more than one thing to quibble about, over all the film got everything right. Especially regarding life at sea in Nelson’s Royal Navy.

The real issue at this point – seven years after the movie was released – is why have we yet to see a sequel? While the movie was not a box office blockbuster, it did reasonably well monetarily and was nominated for 10 Academy Awards including best director and best picture. I’ll leave the Academy’s popularity contests out of this and just say that Hollywood has an entire 20 book catalogue to choose from here. In fact, initial talks about beginning filming on The Reverse of the Medal, book 11 in the series, occurred in 2009. Just what are they waiting for?

Well, according to this
article reprinted over at Under the Black Flag, Russell Crowe is wondering the same thing. And he’d like you to get on this right away. Evidently Mr. Crowe, who was in on the aforementioned talks, is stumping for a sequel to Master and Commander and he asks that the fans do their part to make it happen.

Thanks to the insider info of my particular friend The Dear Knows over at
The Dear Surprise, all of us have everything we need to bug the holy living you know what out of 20th Century Fox until they succumb to the power of the people. Clearly piratitude is called for in this case, and the Brethren are doubtless up to the task.

Here’s the simple procedure:

If you’re on Twitter, tweet @20thcenturyfox that you want them to make a sequel of M & C. This is my standard tweet based on Russell Crowe’s original call to action:

20thcenturyfox Please make a sequel to Master & Commander! (via @cinemablend & @russellcrowe) #holdfast

I can also use it to rouse my seafaring mates on Twitter. You know who you are; com’on, people.

If you’d rather, The Dear Knows has included the email address for Tom Rothman at 20th Century Fox in his post: According to Mr. Crowe this is really the way to go, but I don’t think doing both can hurt the case at all.

In conclusion then, let us resolve to make this happen and get an M & C sequel underway in 2011. If our seafaring ancestors taught us nothing else, they surely engrained in us that the power of a combined force with one goal is quite literally unstoppable. Huzzah!

Header: Russell Crowe as Jack Aubrey from the movie Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World


Timmy! said...

Ahoy, Pauline! I'm doing my part for this, as you know. But a couple other things to point out: not only did the film make over $75 million in profit at the box office (not to mention all of the DVD sales, etc.) but it was nominated for Best Picture of the year back when there were ONLT 5 best picture nominees! Now, I'm not saying that every Best Picture nominee should have sequel, but come on, Hollywood!

Oh and one other little complaint about the Academy Awards, since it's Festivus and I'm all about the "airing of grievances" (I'll perform some "feats of strength" for you later):

How can a movie that "was nominated for 10 Academy Awards including best director and best picture" not have even ONE single nomination for acting? Again I say: come on, Hollywood!

Pauline said...

Ahoy, Timmy, and preach on mate!

Le Loup said...

Thank you. I have emailed my vote and posted a request on my blog.
All the best for xmas.
Regards, Le Loup.

Pauline said...

Ahoy, Le Loup and Huzzah! Many thanks mate; and best wishes for very happy Holidays to you and yours.

Katy said...

I have definitely done my part in angling for a sequel. I want them to do The Fortune of War!! This might be my undying love for Stephen Maturin talking, but you have to admit that the chase scene through Boston was very cinematic...

Pauline said...

Ahoy, Katy and no kidding! Especially when the good Doctor clocks the guy over the head with the obsidian phallus.