Tuesday, January 8, 2013

History: The Battle of New Orleans

I officially have influenza which I will happily use as my excuse for lack of posting here at Triple P (you all don't need to read feverish ramblings.)

I did want to take a moment, however, to commemorate the 198th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. With any luck, I should be back later this week with more on Andrew Jackson's pirate-fueled victory over the British on Chalmette Plantation.

Header: The Battle of New Orleans by Charles H. Waterhouse via Wikipedia


Calliope Street said...

Hi Pauline,
You're a real trooper to summon up a post on this "Glorious 8th of January"! Hope you feel better soon (am down with the grip myself) because we all miss you.
Arthur on Calliope Street
(about three miles from the battlefield)

Timmy! said...

Take it easy and get better, Pauline. There will be plenty more posts to come, I'm sure.

Pauline said...

Arthur: Hope you're feeling better soon as well and that the grippe doesn't keep you away from the celebration just down the street.

Timmy!: More on the way, as always :)