Friday, December 7, 2012

Booty: Get Kraken!

With these Holiday gift posts, I generally try to keep my recommendations to vendors and items that I am familiar with and/or have had contact with myself. I have not, however, recommended gifts handmade by a family member. There's a first time for everything.

Today's unusual and delightful trove of goodies comes from Brigit's Knits. This Etsy showcase is owned and operated by 15 year old entrepreneur Brigit, who also happens to be my daughter. Brigit offers a wide variety of sea creatures from the gorgeous (and completely safe to cuddle) jellyfish shown above to hermit crabs (no terrarium or feeding required) starfish and sea stars and, of course, the now infamous Kraken shown at the sidebar along with a host of others.

All of Brigit's creations are hand knit by her. They are all free of small attachments (buttons, pins, etc.) so they are perfect for very small people. Brigit has other outlets, local consignments - she is featured at Sweet Adeline's here in Anchorage - and bazaars so her creatures are circulating far and wide. Just ask Captain Swallow and the lovely QM Seika - they took their Kraken and octopus on a whirlwind tour of the Big Easy last spring. Good times.

Please pop over and browse Brigit's offerings. Shipping is free in the U.S. but she also offers international shipping at a charge. Every dime earned goes into her college fund, and that warms a pirate mother's heart as you can well imagine.

Also, feel free to pop over and "like" Brigit's Knits on Facebook.

Happy Friday, Brethren! I hope it's warm and sunny where you are and if not, well, there's always grog.

Header: A jellyfish handmade by Brigit of Brigit's Knits


Timmy! said...

Huzzah for Brigit! While I am not at all objective when it comes to my family, I have several of her creations (including some unusual creatures that she does not make for sale... at least, not yet) and can also vouch for their quality (and cuteness)...

When is the grog happening again, Pauline?

Pauline said...

And cuddle-ability :)

Charles L. Wallace said...

That is so cool! I just ordered a Kraken (and enquired if a shark might be knitted up). Thank you, Pauline - I always enjoy browsing on Etsy, and Wendy (plus my sisters and cousins) sure enjoy the results.

Thanks again! :-D

Pauline said...

Oh fabulous, Wally! Thank you so much. I'll check with Brigit and make sure she's gotten your order and on the shark issue as well.

Happy Holidays, mate; I do hope your in port till next year :)

Charles L. Wallace said...

Most excellent, it is (shipped already, too!) Thanky so much!

Happy Holidays to you and the crew. I believe that I am inport through the new year (but ya never can tell! hahaha)