Friday, September 7, 2012

Booty: Visualize Wind

After our incredible windstorm Tuesday night, it may have been pure serendipity that I stumbled upon this map of the United States. Run by Hint.FM, the map shows in real time the winds blowing over the contiguous U.S. It also shows wind velocity in miles per hour, and there is a gallery that allows you to view past wind directions. The patterns made by the winds are fascinating and, as any good sailor knows, most of them originate at sea.

Of course, Alaska and Hawai'i are noticeably absent. But we're used to being treated like that.

Happy Friday, Brethren. May you know only fair winds, today and always.

Header: Sailing by Charles Henry Gifford via American Gallery


Timmy! said...

Very cool map, Pauline.

We certainly had fair winds on our fishing trip yesterday. Even if we didn't bring home any fish, it sure beat being in the office.

Pauline said...

And I'm pleased to hear it. Good thing you didn't go on Tuesday...