Friday, August 24, 2012

Booty: Truly Amazing

As the Brethren are well aware, I am currently spending a good bit of my time kicking cancer's ugly ass in true piratical fashion.  That means that the schedule aboard the good ship Triple P will be adjusting slightly for my early morning radiation treatments. We started yesterday, radiation and I, and should finish up the first or second week in October. Until then, posting may be spotty but I'll do my best and I may occasionally pull an old favorite out of the archives.

For today, though, a truly amazing reminder of just how magnificent - and powerful - the lakes, seas and oceans of our blue planet can be. Watch waterspouts form over Lake Michigan in this video from CNN.

Happy Friday; I'll be back tomorrow with Sailor Mouth Saturday!

Header: One More Step Mr. Hands, illustration by N.C. Wyeth from Treasure Island via Wikimedia


Timmy! said...

Happy Friday, Pauline!

That is a very cool video.

Kick cancer's ass, Captain... And kick it in the nads!

Pauline said...

It is, and my friend Editilla pointed out that the waterspout imagery is a nice visualization tool for radiation therapy conquering whatever is left of the big C. I like that :)

Le Loup said...

I did not know Pauline, very sorry news indeed. Don't give up ever, fight it with everything you can lay your hands on! Carrot juice, whatever it takes. I hear meditating has good effects too, the relaxing. Try hugging a tree every day. Yes I know, sounds silly, but I did that & when I went back for further tests they found nothing! They had no idea how it could have just dissapeared.

I lost a very close friend to cancer. I will admit that it was farely advanced by the time it was found,but he said he would place his life in god's hands & made no effort himself to combat it. Drove me crazy. I think I am still angry with him after all these years.
Good luck to you Pauline, I wish you all the very best.
Regards, Keith.

Pauline said...

Thank you so much, Keith. I'm trying everything these days and your suggestions have not fallen on deaf ears. I appreciate the input and the positive energy. One step at a time...