Friday, April 20, 2012

Booty: NOLA Navy Week

Since I’m still more “under the weather” (another nautical term) than not, I’m going to let some remarkable and breathtaking pictures do the talking today.

NOLA Navy Week is in full swing down in my ancestral neck of the woods. Beginning last Tuesday, the celebration kicks off the three year commemoration of the United States' second battle for independence, the War of 1812. The festivities will wrap up in 2015, coming full circle and back to NOLA to remember the climactic Battle of New Orleans. A quick salute here to Triple P favorites – and in some cases relatives – present and participating at the battle: Pierre and Jean Laffite, Dominique Youx, Renato Beluche, George Ross, Vincent Gambi, General Humbert and, of course, Andrew Jackson.

With that, allow me to offer these pictures from the Times-Picayune via of some of the gorgeous ships coming in to celebrate with all of New Orleans. Note in particular the men of Ecuador’s beautiful tall ship Guayas, saluting the city from her crosstrees.

Tall ship festivals and Navy weeks are planned at port cities around the U.S. throughout the commemoration. Check your local schedules as far as nearby ports or follow the U.S. Navy on Twitter for continuing updates.

Fair winds to you and to those who sailed before us; rest well, Brethren.

Header: The glorious USCGC Eagle coming into port at New Orleans with the help of a trusty tug via Military Feed


Timmy! said...

Ahoy, Pauline! Those are some great pictures. Take care and I hope you are feeling better soon. I hope all the brethren have a good weekend.

Pauline said...

Just amazing. I wish we could be there but we will be for the finale in Jan 2015!!!

DaleBurr said...

Before you finish you entry on the battle of NOLA be sure to read my account;

Not only is it a story about a privateer, it probably had a great bearing on the battle itself.

If you already found it from my previous post forgive me for over-posting.


Pauline said...

Dale: Thanks for the link to your excellent post. You're absolutely right that the General Armstrong encounter probably helped Jackson in his fight against remarkable odds. Though the numbers still appear unfathomable today, they would have been much worse had Lloyd's flotilla gotten to the Gulf. I highly recommend that the Brethren click over and read up on this unfortunately little known piece of nautical history!