Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seafaring Sunday: Dateline Barataria

March 15, 1809: President Jefferson finally lifts the disastrous United States Embargo Act of 1807, ending what was known as "the long embargo" against the importation of goods from any foreign nation.

For Pierre and Jean Laffite, whose smuggling operation in Barataria was providing New Orleans with all manner of foreign trade, this must have seemed like a blow to their future profits. In fact with continuing tensions with France after the Quasi-War, open hostility against Spain in Florida and Texas, and the imminent War of 1812, the brothers and their band of privateers had nothing to worry about. Business would boom until Daniel Tod Patterson and George Ross destroyed the Laffites' Baratarian base at Grande Terre and Grand Isle in September of 1814.

Header: Grand Isle, Barataria Bay, Louisiana


Timmy! said...

Ahoy, Pauline! The Laffite brothers were nothing if not resourceful. After all, one man's pirate is another man's privateer...

Pauline said...

Ahoy, Timmy! You know, we are French. It all works out, one way or another.