Friday, June 4, 2010

Booty: Maritime Dads

Summer time makes me lazy. I tend not to think in terms of time or date but what needs to get done. Deadlines and dust bunnies are the only things that keep me running during the three months of Alaska's summer. So it just occurred to me (I am not kidding) that Father's Day is only two weeks from this coming Sunday. It also occurred to me to share a couple of ideas for Father's Day gifts that relate directly to the seafaring men I so frequently write about. Thus David Porter, father of at least nine children, at the header.

The now famous first Commodore of the New Orleans station and hero of the War of 1812 would have worn our first item. Surely a sophisticated, well travelled gentleman like Porter would have come into contact with the shaving accoutrement that was popular among the noblemen in Europe. Across the pond another navy hero wore it regularly, at least by land: Vice-Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson.

The Sephora website offers a range of this Italian house's scents but what is now called Colonia has been around at least since the mid-1700's. The scent is as warm and sunny as a Tuscan hillside and I'm told by the first mate that the shaving cream is some of the best available. (Don't skimp; make sure Dad has a boar bristle brush to lather up with). Very authentic.

Navy men a little to stuffy? Can't quite imagine Dad in one of those high, tight stocks; in fact, he'll barely wear a tie? Then it's time to turn to the Spanish Main and the shimmering Gulf of Mexico. It's time to splash on the aftershave of Laurens de Graff and Black Sam Bellamy. A freebooter should wear the scent that Jean Laffite would never have been caught without.

Bay Rum has always been made in the New World and was certainly a Spanish export by the 1600's. Some of the U.S. founding fathers were quite fond of it; Jefferson in particular. It was the go to splash of military men like Andrew Jackson and the world changing Liberator, Simon Bolivar. J. Peterman sells the modern Dominica brand in an updated glass bottle with an original cork stopper here. There is no fragrance in the world like it; an instant reminder of sand, sea and salt air. I'm rather partial.

And one last thought that comes on a very personal note. Mignon Faget, the premier jeweler of New Orleans, is offering her new Gulf Coast collection of tie tacks, pins, necklaces and bracelets. From the website, the jewelry is:

...worn in the tradition of mourning jewelry to raise awareness of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Each purchase benefits the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. Please consider helping to keep the unprecedented tragedy in the Gulf foremost in the minds of people all around the world. I personally am waiting for my pelican.

Thank you one and all. Happy Father's Day in advance and happy Friday today.


Timmy! said...

Ahoy, Pauline! And Happy Friday to you, too. Like your boy Rusty, any excuse to post a picture of the dashing David Porter is a good one... Right, Pirate Queen?

Who's bad?

That's right, you know you love it...

So, would you rather have the pelican pendant or the Gulf Coast charm bracelet?

Pauline said...

Ahoy, Timmy! Yes. I am pitifully transparent.

My preference would be the pelican. I want to wear him close to my heart.

Mr Lonely said...

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Pauline said...

Ahoy, Mr Lonely! Appreciate the positive feedback. Right back at ya!